What I Know

While the idea for “the way we met” as a platform to share couple’s love stories was created over night, I have been preparing for this opportunity my whole life.  I was 16 years old and in high school when I had my first serious boyfriend.  We shared the typical young love; passionate, dramatic, high-highs and low-lows.  It was a pretty long relationship that was on and off for many years and continued on after high school, well into college.  When it ended, I was devastated, and didn’t think I would ever find love like that again, but I assure you that was not the case.  Furthermore, that young heartbreak changed the course of my life forever; it forced me to evolve as a person at a very young age, become self-actualized, and read more self-help books then I’d like to admit. 

When you’re young and going through heartbreak, you’re convinced it will never get better. You are sure that no one has ever been as in love as you were, and that the heartbreak your feeling is unmatched by any pain anyone has ever experienced.  I assure you that is not true.  There is a reason why almost every great love song was built around gut-wrenching heartbreak.

Some of the most epic novels, songs, and inventions of all time were inspired by heartbreak. The pain of a broken heart has led to the creation of iconic masterpieces.  This, my friends, is the silver lining to it all.  The Huffington Post reported a study that showed “trauma can help people grow in areas of interpersonal relationships, contentment, gratitude, personal strength, and resourcefulness.” If you are currently experiencing a broken heart, the wounds may be too new for you to comprehend this.  However, what you will see in time, with great clarity, is that it may have been the best thing that ever happened to you.  Little by little every day you will transform into a better version of yourself; the changes will feel too small to recognize at first, but one day you’ll wake up and it will all make sense.  Facing new challenges and overcoming them is what builds strength in mankind and shapes the core of our character. Overcoming the challenge of a broken heart will force you to become independent and content with yourself. Then once that happens, you’ll end up attracting another amazing person into your world, and it will be more rewarding than ever before because you’ll most likely be on a stronger foundation, have a whole new career you’ve created, or some other large accomplishment to show for due to your self-growth.

Many people want to know what my current relationship status is.  I’m not sure why that’s so important, but I will tell you this.  I have been in many relationships.  I have had my heart broken, and I have broken a few hearts along the way.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m currently in or out of a relationship, because my beliefs on love do not change.  I am always optimistic about love and believe it is the greatest joy of living. I made a promise to myself a long time ago, that regardless of how many times I had my heartbroken, I would never grow bitter towards love.  I would continue to put myself back in the boxing ring over and over because great risk equals great reward.  You can’t just build up walls and close yourself off to love because of one person, or one rejection, or one failed relationship (or multiple for that matter.) You have to keep fighting, keep trying, keep getting out of bed, because your next prince charming is out there. 

So I’d like to end by saying this, nurture the most important relationship you have every day, which is the relationship you have with yourself. Know who you are.  Date a lot of people while you’re young so you know what you’re looking for in a partner.  Be confident and know your worth.  You teach people how to treat you, so until you know what you deserve, don’t go out searching for love.  Who you wind up with as a partner will always be a direct reflection of what you think you deserve. Allow your significant other to simply be an addition to the happiness you’ve already created within you.  I stared the way we met on a mission to give the world hope again. Love is out there, beautiful relationships are blossoming every day, and your fairytale will happen too if you just continue to not give up.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned.