Cards Are Timeless

I'm personally a sucker for old-fashioned love.  Some of my favorite stories I've shared on TWWM are of the older couples who were dating before Skype and text messaging ever existed. They would send each other cards, written letters, and cassette tapes they recorded speaking to each other on. It was so much more romantic. And it's cool that they have tangible items to be reminded of all their memories. As a 27-year old, I've experienced dating both pre and post the whole social media era. When I was in High School, text messaging was just surfacing.  Most people didn't have it though, so it wasn't a normal means of communication yet. We were just discovering the snake game on our Nokias (I remember thinking I was the coolest girl in school when I was given my brothers small red Nokia as a hand-me down). 

My friends and I would run home from school to go on AOL. It was extremely frustrating if the dial-up wasn't working or if one of our parents were using the landline. And if my brother or sister turned off my away message or signed me offline before I was able to see my messages, forget it.  Day ruined. What if my crush instant messaged me?? Now I would never know! 

My favorite thing about High School was how different relationships were without all the social media. If you were going through a breakup, you didn't have to see pictures of your ex with their new girlfriend all over Facebook.  As hard as that is now, I can't even imagine how heartbreaking that would have been at 16 years old. My High School dates would have to come to my door and meet my parents if they wanted to take me out.  I remember when I used to get into a fight with my High School boyfriend, he would leave flowers on my porch with a written card apologizing and professing his love. He would give me cards on special occasions too, not just when he was in the dog house. I still have a shoebox of all of the written cards he gave me somewhere in my childhood bedroom. I miss those days. I always tell people in relationships that giving your loved one a card is the easiest and most inexpensive way to do something special and show them you care. There is nothing better than waking up to a "just because" card on your night stand, or finding a little note on the bathroom mirror before work. It's the little things that count and it never gets old hearing that you're appreciated.

Cards have always been my favorite gift, so I'm stoked to announce my partnership with Hallmark for Valentine's Day. I'll be supporting Hallmark's #CareEnough campaign through out the week by posting stories about how cards have played a role in making big moments special for couples. 

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