Love on a Sunday

Natalie: "We met when my roommate, Skye, was having drinks with these two guys who work at a talent agency. Skye texted me and said,  'come meet us at Honor Bar.' So I went and was wearing a really weird outfit - I was in a buttoned up denim shirt and my hair in a bun. I was kind of rude to them. I was like, "Oh what big ten schools did you two go to? Then I had a full chicken sandwich and a martini, and when the check came I said "I'm not paying, AND I want valet money."

Zach: "I was thinking who is this crazy person? What a ballsy decision! If it were a first date, it would be one thing!"

Natalie: "It was not a date, nor was I invited."

Zach: "She likes to make statements. It was more on the surface of I know these kinds of people and don't like them. It was her way of saying, "I don't care about you guys thinking your life is a certain way."

Natalie: "Yeah, it was more of, I don't care about your existence and don't want to validate you."

Zach: "I didn't think anything of it the next day. Then a few weeks later, my friend Brian who's a mutual friend of ours, texted me at 6:30PM on a Friday and said, "Do you want to come to this dinner party with me tonight? Well the dinner party was at Natalie and Skye's house. I knew Skye but didn't really think about who her roommate was or that it was Natalie. It was kind of just random."

Natalie: "What's disturbing to me is why you didn't have plans at 6:30PM on a Friday?"
(They both Laugh.)


Zach: "It's interesting because of how spontaneous that decision was in the first place. Because nine times out of ten, most people would be like, "No, I can't.  I'm hanging with my boy from Encino tonight."

Natalie: "To come alone to a dinner party is bold."

Zach: "It's always THOSE nights when you meet someone, because you're going into it completely open-minded. They cooked this whole elaborate feast and we were all drinking too."

Natalie: "Then we walked to the bar.  I went to tie my shoe, and when I looked up, I realized we were miles behind everyone else."

Zach: "When we were at the bar, we talked a bit, but we weren't like separating ourselves from the crowd."

Natalie: "Then we all came back to my house after the bar and we're laughing and hanging out. I assumed he liked me obviously."

Zach: "I think that's probably right."

Natalie: "I was pretty tipsy..."

Zach: "Oh yeah, this part was a victory for me. So as my buddy Brian and I are leaving, he walks into Natalie's room to say goodbye to her, because Natalie was already in bed. So Brian's like, "Bye Natalie," gives her a hug, and then walks out.  So then I go to kiss her on the cheek, and she kisses me on the lips."


Natalie: "And then I woke up at 7AM to a Facebook friend request from him and a message saying, "Thanks for having us all over, we should hang soon."

Zach: "I didn't have your phone number!"

Natalie: "Then he called me on Sunday to ask me on a date. We went on our first date that following Wednesday night. He took me to the Line Hotel, which was cool back then. Zach didn't eat a thing! He was so nervous.

Zach: "Very nervous! Like shaking. And she was just cool as a cucumber."

Natalie: "After that date, it took a while. It wasn't automatic. I wasn't thinking,  'this is it,'  I was just thinking, 'this guy is into me and we'll see where it goes.' "

Zach: "The tables have certainly turned."

Natalie: "I think it changed when he walked into Skye's office holiday party, and he knew everyone. I ended up not seeing him for almost an hour. And I remember him saying, "Skye look!" Because I was holding his hand. And he was like, "Look what she's doing."